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Joshua Maupin, 1985 Texan-born artist who emerged in response to a society awash with the whims of popular culture, found solace in the act of painting. A rebel at heart, he took up spray-painting to vent his defiance, paving the way for a lifelong artistic journey that would see him evolve into a multi-disciplinary creative force.

Upon relocating to the sprawling metropolis of New York in 2008, Joshua's artistry flourished, encompassing painting, illustration, photography, large-scale murals, and fashion collaborations. His creative prowess transcended each medium, his distinctive style shining through every canvas he touched. His work captures the essence of modern living, offering unique perspectives on mundane subjects, from abstracted interior stills to paneled comic strip illustrations.

His mastery of the visual medium is evident in his use of laying flattened, visceral colors and clean painterly brush strokes, imbuing his characters with familiarity and captivating the viewer. Joshua's creative influences are multifarious, drawing from the classics to the cartoons of his youth, snippets from the obscure comic book scene, and the diverse cultural landscape of Brooklyn.

His oeuvre is a testament to his artistic vision, transcending the boundaries of traditional artistic mediums to create a world that is both distinctive and captivating, one that is rooted in his unique worldview and the zeitgeist of modern society. Joshua Maupin is an artist who continually challenges himself, evolving his craft with every new creation.

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